Meet Coco

Friday, 30 July 2010

I haven't blogged about Coco before, I haven't put a photo of her up anyway. She's my Mom's new puppy and I stayed at hers a couple of days while I've been poorly with tonsillitis this week. My mom named her partly after Coco Chanel and also because she is a chocolate/ginger colour.

She's super cute but absolutely hyper. It's almost like having a toddler because the only down time is when coco naps! So to top off Coco, we've also been trying to sell a litter of puppies my dad's farm dog (lives outside thank goodness) decided to have while I was house sitting. Meet no.4 below (4 out of 5).

So other than been poorly/puppy sitting/working, I took a trip to London to meet with Joel Dash who restored my faith that I was doing the right course. Despite absolutely bucketing it down in the North East, £133 later in London, it was around 28 degrees. I'll have to post pictures of my clever outfit which consisted of thick tights, river islands version of the saints boots and my favourite Kate Moss for Topshop dress which I completely changed upon getting to London and turned it into a sunny rather than rainy day outfit.

And on a final note a thankyou to the pr team for Gillette Venus razor blades who were in The Bridges in Sunderland last Sunday. Upon sending them a few free starbucks, they returned the favour with a massive bag of venus blades and razors. I already have the vibrating vibrance but I've stuck embrace blades on the end and love them. We shared them out among the girls at work and even after that I still have about thirty. I really hope they enjoyed the ginger snaps we gave them!


  1. Oh gosh! The puppies are so gorgeous! x

  2. Aww thanks. I wish I could keep one but they drive me insane for periods longer than five minutes! haha x

  3. the puppies are so so cute, im so envious! i love ginger snaps too! X


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