Summer starts...

Friday, 11 June 2010

Thanks to deciding to put together another research book to go with the one I made to complete my 'Who is Charlotte McGill' installation, I have managed to not get any photos of the complete book. I have the above spreads which I presented on Wednesday to two of my tutors, and then I have the proof documents and a badly made up version of one which I will take photos of later. I won't get the actual books back until September now as this was my last hand in.

This is fairly exciting because I'm now in my last year but at the same time I feel really nervous. I have been studying design in one form or another at various agencies, colleges and uni's since I was seventeen! I often think I should be much better at it by now.

This summer I have a plan between work, I'm going to make my business cards and try get some campaigns done in preparation for next year. I also want to paint the livingroom in my apartment as at the moment, the whole place is completely white and while I love it, as it's nice and clean looking, it's also quite cold.

Right now I'm about to take a well earned break and make a asos & all saints wish list.