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Sunday, 20 June 2010

This is the video that played in loop at my installation about Charlotte. I keep uploading different bits and pieces from it as I get time. If you want to see more keep checking my flickr as I keep uploading more and more. Despite finishing uni last week, I've never been so busy and with lots of different people leaving for good, there has being quite a few goodbyes to tend to.

Last night after work, I went for dinner with my friend Laura who leaves to go home to Manchester this week. It was a really interesting night as where we decided to eat had a Rocky Horror Show party starting at 7 and we never realized, that is of course until everyone started turning up dressed up. We just thought the bar maid was a bit eccentric. Laura also helped me with some ideas for my fmp for next year and I'm now really really excited by the prospect of doing it, I just hope my tutors think it's a good idea. More details on this later, as I now have to go back to starbucks and make some money. Boo.

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