Graduate Fashion Week 2010

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

I am aware I'm really late in posting this but I was sorting through my favorites that I had saved to my mac from the GFW blog and wanted to post about them. I take a really keen interest in what the North East is producing, in particular Northumbria as I had applied and got in but chose to come to Sunderland instead.

Anyway going backwards and completely ignoring what I just said, I fell head over heels in love Hailey-Louise Budding's, printed satin dresses. Not from the North but Wiltshire College Salisbury, if I could have bought only one thing I'd probably have had one of those dresses. Next up is Holly Farrar, my favourite designer from the as previously mentioned Northumbria. I am by no means a fashion blogger but I do take an interest in what is happening in fashion design and to me this collection was the most wearable and reminded me so much of Proenza Schouler.

Finally the last (or first?) image is from Kingston University graduate, Nicole Bradshaw. In conversation with Matthew about GFW, he mentioned his friend Nicole was there and while I would never wear her sheer fabric dresses, I absolutely adore her furs and the work she completed for Pringle.

All photos, and names were taken from the blog & website.


  1. Hailey-Louise Budding's dresses are beautiful, some great choices there!

  2. They are amazing, she's very talented.

  3. Ooh I got into Northumbria also...except I chose to go to ravensbourne instead :o GFW was much creativity! What do you study??

  4. Hi sorry, I only just saw your comment. I tweeted you. =)


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