New York!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

I thought I'd extend my post about my mulberry over to here since it went down so well. This is my new pride and joy. I had to sell my other mulberry handbag in order to pay for it but it was so worth it. It's really heavy especially when I cram it full of ipods, sketchbooks and pens but worth every penny. There was another post I saw online about how the particular blogger would much rather save up and buy key pieces which will last rather than a wardrobe full of primark. This is exactly the rules I live by, I very rarely buy clothes for myself and just have the odd splurge.

In less than two weeks time I am going to New York. It literally happened today, we found out at uni one of the students cannot go because of visa's so for an incredibly discounted price I'm off to New York. And then a week after I get back Matthew & I move into our new apartment. It's going to be a very busy few weeks as in between I have loads of deadlines at uni.

Currently I have been working on a rebranding the body shop, which is a d&ad brief but I'm not following it completely as I'm desperate to get really high marks for this module. On top of that I've been writing an essay on Pentagram, I would really like to visit them in New York and I think my tutor is trying to arrange something. Then every two weeks I've been handing in ads for my book which so far include feel good drinks, tomato ketchup, gillette lady shave and a government underage drinking campaign. Tonight I'm going to try and get some more essay done while watching glee catch up's before a long day at starbucks tomorrow. Back to the grind.