Uni Work

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I have being stupidly busy recently with lots of uni work and starbucks have me as their slave at weekends, so as usual I have had no time to update or when I have had time, I have been catching up on much needed sleep.

At the beginning of term we were given a choice of three briefs, I decided eventually on the memories brief & have made a book which I will post later. As part of my research though I looked into the other brief which was about 'space,' hence the ridiculous photo of myself wearing a hoola hoop.

A while ago I promised somewhere online (either here or lj) that I would upload some photos of my new flat. Originally I was meant to be living on my own, however Matt has moved in here too! We had looked at buying somewhere last year but changed our minds & then I decided to live on my own, signing this contract but things changed and he has ended up here too. It's nice having him around, though I'm not too keen on the extra washing.

We've already decided next year we won't stay in this flat; it's really nice however because it is a basement flat, it's quite cold & sometimes feels damp even when it isn't. For a little bit extra cash we could also afford somewhere much nicer.

The second photo is of my little design corner, Matt moved the couches round so it hides my mess behind the little sofa. The EAT letters are from Next and the pink scented roses were a present from my Mom who got them from Laura Ashley.