The cure to the common cold?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

My boyfriend has being replaced, his side of the bed is now covered in common cold accessories. As soon as I decide to be more productive and healthy I always catch whatever is going around. I haven't been to the gym since Thursday and I'm now surviving on Asda's max strength cold and flu capsules, vicks ultra chloraseptic spray, several packs of tissues and the best saved for last l'occitane shea butter body lotion. It is the one luxury I don't live without- it's only £17.25 which isn't a lot compared to what some people will pay for a good lotion. It makes my whole body feel super soft without that sticking to the duvet/greasey sensation.

I have spent the afternoon in bed catching up on my saved bloglines and feeling very sorry for myself. I really enjoyed reading this interview on computerlove with Smith & Foulkes; their work is really interesting and to me quite Burton-esque - it reminded me of my friend Adam Westerman's quirky animations and drawings.

I'm off to douse myself in more body butter and drown in throat spray however I will leave with a link to the most positive feel good advert of the moment. Enjoy the beatles t-mobile style.

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