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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

We've had a couple of unmarked assignments in my Design for web class to get us used to using Flash; one of these being to create a scene and using actionscript create a button to change the scene. I was browsing some flash illustrations on google and saw a cute little house so I set my movie around that, it took me ages to re-draw it my own way but I have finally finished and it was so worth it.

I have even added in a little sound and when you knock on the door (click) it changes to night time. I'm thinking of adding in stars and more sound but it is unmarked and I have the afternoon free to work on some new campaigns for my book.

This seems to be all over the tv at the moment, everytime I turn it on, that bird is whistling. I have no idea what the ad is trying to say but it does make me feel very happy and I love the human hello clock

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