Coraline & the boy who didn't stop look & listen...

Monday, 18 May 2009

I went to see Coraline last night at Boldon with Matthew and it was incredible. I had expected only to see the 2d version however they are capable of showing the 3d one and it was so worth the extra money. The detail all round is amazing but the first few opening shots where the witch is threading the needle was mind-blowing. I can understand why it may be quite scary from children, I jumped a couple of times but I loved it.

Even though I'd managed to finish my vanilla cheesecake in Frankie and Benny's in time for the adverts, there was a bit of a technical failure and it sounded like they were all underwater, so that was slightly disappointing. Strangely enough after blogging the other day about Smith & Foulkes, the only ad that really worked was 'the boy who didn't stop look and listen.' It was the first time I'd seen it at the cinema and not only did it really fit in with the movie, it looked better bigger too.

I'm still working hard on my Branston campaign for my adv & Flash modules. So I'm off to get another cup of tea and set to at creating my next few frames.

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