Where I've been Hiding...

Sunday, 23 February 2014

I have been a terrible blogger for the past several months... I've (not on purpose) ignored emails, comments and generally suffered a lack of time to post. So I thought it was about time I explained myself.

At the start of 2013 I made a promise to myself to always try and say 'yes' to things and in doing so, my life got a lot busier. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing, I just started to prioritise things in my life differently and focussed on my career and made an effort to spend more time with friends and go places I'd never been before. It just simply meant I didn't have time to fit everything in - no matter how many posts I wrote in my diary and scheduled.

This year, I decided to do the same and in turn, 'Girl in the North' is still suffering for it. So far I've had trips to London, celebrated my birthday with wonderful friends who I hadn't seen in ages, had my very first afternoon tea at Betty's, decided to zip wire off the Wearmouth Bridge again, met a lovely boy... and tested out the 'color' at The Color Run Sunderland launch, thanks to a dare from Monica at The Echo!

It's been absolutely brilliant so far and I wouldn't have had it any other way which is why I can't guarantee exactly when I'll be back writing properly again but what I can promise is that I will at some point! I'm just having far too much fun and enjoying each and every moment to be able to record it all right now.

In the mean time, I'm still around on twitter and instagram. I'll be back properly soon x

Happy New Year : 2014

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Just a little note to say Happy New Year & thank you for following this year! All the best for 2014!

Coca Cola : 12 Good Deeds of Christmas No. 3

Saturday, 28 December 2013

At the beginning of December, I had a very important date in my diary... my lovely friend and colleague Nicola was getting married at the beautiful Matfen Hall. With my 12 Good Deeds of Christmas List in mind, I offered to be designated driver for the evening.

It was a beautiful Winter's night but equally freezing cold so I popped my boots, gloves and coat on and headed out with my heels in hand to change into. Unfortunately my housemate caught me red handed with the gloves and not looking overly glamorous in my boyfriend coat!

I didn't get many photos throughout the night because I was having so much fun and I'm terrible for forgetting when I'm enjoying myself. However I did get this rather beautiful snap of the first dance.

Nicola looked beautiful and thank you to her and Anthony for inviting me and the girls from work along - it was such a lovely evening. If you ever get a chance to visit Northumberland, make sure to pay Matfen Hall a visit. It's a gorgeous 19th-century country mansion and the food is divine, I highly recommend a visit.

Coca Cola : 12 Good Deeds of Christmas No. 1, 2 and 8

Friday, 27 December 2013

Girl in the North Santa's Grotto

Working for an events company means Christmas is a very busy time of year. From Switch On's to polar bears, Sunderland Live had it all covered this year to ensure the people of the North East had a fantastic festive period. The perks of working on behalf of Santa and delivering Christmas meant ticking a few more off my 12 Good Deeds List became a bit easier.

Number 1 - Taking time to listen to Carol Singers, I got to do on several occasions. Most memorable was probably the school choirs at the city's Christmas Lights Switch On. I took a peek over from the media balcony to see tens of thousands of people enjoying themselves and I have to admit it gave me butterflies.

Number 2 - Thank your binman, postman, milkman or paperboy with a surprise thank-you gift was a little bit tricky for me. I very rarely ever see the binman or postman and I don't have a milkman or paperboy. So instead I left the first two thank you notes, one on the bin and one above the letterbox on our front door.

Number 8 - This was easy! Wish a stranger a Happy Christmas - I got to do this lots but I remember mostly doing it at Sunderland Live's Santa's Grotto. I made sure I wished every parent and child I spoke to at the grotto a Merry Christmas. After it was over I checked in with the boss to see how I was doing and if I'd made it to the nice list.

I always try to be a good person and do the majority of the things that were on my list anyway each Christmas but ticking them off this year and recognising each little one certainly made me feel more festive.