I'm Married

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

I've got so many half-drafted posts ready to be finished and lots of exciting news to tell but our wedding video from Tie the Knot Films landed in my inbox the other day and I couldn't wait to share it!

We weren't going to get a wedding film but several family members, including Jay's Mum were convinced us otherwise and I cannot explain how thankful I am that they did. It was something on our 'nice to have list' but if you're a bride to be, I urge you to make sure it a must have.

The day was exactly what we wanted, a beautiful ceremony and a laid-back, fun day with all our family and friends... and that is exactly what we got! I certainly feel that Rebecca and Alex did an amazing job at capturing all the special moments we had. I plan on sharing many more details including how we planned the whole wedding in only 3.5 months, when we get our professional photos back but for now, I hope you like the video as much as I do!

Take a look at Tie the Knot Films here. They're based in Durham in the North East but travel all over making beautiful films - so drop them a message if you like what you see... I cannot recommend them enough.

A Little Wander in Durham: The Importance of a Pre-Wedding Shoot...

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

GASP Photography Katy and Jay

With only 24 days to go until I officially become Mrs. Tate, I thought I'd share with you a few of our pre-wedding shoot snaps. In case you didn't know Jay's originally from Teesside but was living and working in London when we met. His business can take him anywhere in the UK and without going into all the details he moved back up here before Christmas and we decided to make Durham our home. So it only seemed fitting to go for a little wander round the city centre when our photographer, Jade from Gasp Photography mentioned the idea.

Photography was next on our priority list after choosing our venue. We knew we wanted something a little more creative and also exactly what we didn't want. So when my Mom and I bumped into Jade at a Belle Bridal wedding fayre at Wynyard Hall, we booked her straight away! Gasp Photo Co are a creative and alternative team of wedding photographers who use different types of cameras, film and props to really tell your story. I was hooked from the moment I saw some coloured smoke as it reminded me so much from when I worked on bringing the Color Run to the North East when I worked at Sunderland Live.

As a soon to be bride, I've been reading lots of blogs and articles either from a magazine perspective or from a photographer's point of view and I haven't yet come across an actual bride writing a post about how important a pre-wedding shoot is. It's easy to roll your eyes at the idea I know, however as a creative, I'm much more used to been behind the camera than in front of it and having the chance to wander for a couple of hours with Jade allowed all of us to get to know each other a bit more and for me to relax. I've only included a small selection in this post however we received over fifty and as cliché as it sounds, all of them capture us as a couple perfectly.

So if you're debating whether or not to go ahead and have a pre-wedding or engagement shoot, I cannot recommend one enough. It was a really fun afternoon and I absolutely cannot wait for the big day now.
Take a look at GASP Photo Co's Instagram and Facebook pages to see more similar engagement and wedding shoots. Drop into their Darlington Studio or visit their website by clicking here.

Girl and the North East Wedding

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Crook Hall North East Wedding Venue on Girl in the North

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I don't write anywhere near as much as I used to, or come to think of it, anywhere near as much as I'd like to. Perhaps it's all part of getting older but I seem to have much less time than I used to!

So where have I been this time you ask? Well, four days after my last post, it was my birthday and something that still gives me butterflies when thinking about it happened. Whilst I would love to give you the full story in all it's glory (I'll keep that for another time), the shortened version is my partner in crime appeared in the living room with a birthday cake topped with a ring! I'm not sure how I coped keeping it a secret for a whole week but I managed and didn't put my foot in it once.

So I said yes, as you'll have already guessed or seen on Instagram. I knew Jay was the boy for me from the moment he took me for a parmo for our first date. The original plan was to have a long engagement, save more money and well pin more things to my Pinterest. However fate has played a hand throughout our entire relationship and sure enough, a last minute cancellation in the venue of our dreams (Crook Hall) meant before we knew it, we were getting married this July!

Everyone keeps asking me if I am stressed about planning a wedding, or if I'm pregnant and the answer, just so we're clear is no to both. It's been a doddle to be honest and lots of fun. There has been lots of meetings though and this combined with normal life and work and then a diagnosis of CFS for me has meant that while I had every intention of writing the next part of the story... it got put on the back burner and before I knew it, I had other things to write about online.

So apologies now that Girl in the North might become a wedding blog for a few months but as a soon-to-be bride I've been seeing a whole new side to the North East that I've never experienced before. There's so many wedding fayres, boutiques, craft stores and outlets I never knew existed that everyone should know about and I plan to come onto them later and I absolutely promise not to leave it till after the wedding, honest!

Where Girl in the North Began...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Girl in the North

Just before Christmas I was invited to do a few lectures at a University and a College which all were all around a similar theme, ‘my career.’ I pulled together a few slides for a presentation and tried to think back to when I realised I wanted to work in digital. It wasn’t hard because I’ve known since I first got my hands on a computer!

I was lucky that my parents recognised that technology was going to be massively important for me in the future and they upgraded our Commodore 64 to an Acorn when I was still in primary school (I'm giving away my age here). It was in our dining room and being the creative soul I am, I used to host imaginary classes on how to use the computer to my imaginary students.

The PC was upgraded again when I went to secondary school and that was when I was first introduced to the internet - it was fascinating! No one at school agreed however, so my Mom enrolled me in a six week after-school course at a local college where I learnt how to use a search engine and browse the world wide web. For some reason one night, the computer I was using broke and the tutor let me use their PC instead which had a lot more programmes available and I came across Paint Shop Pro.

I managed to get my hands on a copy of PSP at home and I was hooked. Once I'd mastered making pretty looking things, I wanted to get them online and that was when I discovered code. I got myself a Geocities account and I began to write, not just html but about my life and what I was up to... an online diary as such. I progressed round various hosting sites, I had livejournals and deadjournals and domains which were named things that make me feel a bit queasy now. I experimented with different codes as they developed, had a Six Degrees account (the first ever social network), met people in online chatrooms (some of whom are still lifelong friends), discovered Adobe and I still hadn't even had my 14th birthday!

My PC's couldn't keep up with me and my parents were sick of the fact the phone line was constantly blocked but for some reason and I'm very thankful they did... they let me. I was obsessed with learning all things internet and throughout my teens I continued to learn and to write my 'online diaries.' They came in very different looks and on different sites which I'm sure if I tried hard enough I'd still be able to find. During school I suffered at the hands of some bullies who eventually found my online life but it didn't stop me. I did an apprenticeship, went to college and then to uni when I eventually decided to create a dedicated Girl in the North website.

The idea stemmed from three places: I wanted somewhere to write and to practice what I was learning and also people kept complaining there was nothing to do in the city I was living in and I wanted to prove them wrong. Finally I wanted a job.

So I hoped and figured that my blog could help me do that and I'm pleased to say that it did! I kept writing and learning and soaking up all the information I could until I bagged that dream job at the end of my degree and even then I kept learning new things.

I often get asked about the perks of blogging and yeah, they're a few! It's nice to get invited to places sometimes and even though I'm no fashion or beauty blogger, I love doing reviews! I have always wanted Girl in the North to be a positive place and so I adopted the policy if it ain't nice I won't write about it and so far it's worked. The one thing people always do ask now is why? And I guess it's because I've been doing it for so long that I don't really know how to stop!

Writing online / blogging for over 17 years has taught me lots and I don't just mean about the experimenting with code and battling with Photoshop! It's given me people skills, made me realise not everyone will like me, taught me to network and to accept what I can and can't change and probably most importantly how to take criticism. And this all leads me to my next story...